Mr. Sanjiv Sharma.


“Every Child is born a genius.”

Knowledge in the twenty-first century is growing at exponential speed throwing up challenged each day to the teachers as well as students. Chalk and talk method of teaching -learning is giving space to ICT (Information and Communication Technology) oriented classroom transactions. Here at J P Academy we are in perfect sync with latest pedagogy and tuned to give our best to the students. We are aware that the future challenges which our students will face when they step into the world of careers will be tougher and demanding. To ensure that our students are not found wanting in any sphere we imbibe in them leadership traits along with sound academic knowledge. Our infrastructure is at par with international parameters with ample opportunities for all round development of our children.

Continuous guidance and counselling is part and parcel of our academic routine. The teenager problems are handled with care and compassion by matured teachers who interact with girl students separately and boys separately. Safety and security of each child is our top priority. We firmly believe that each child can be a winner with adequate and timely support from the school and parents alike. I want my students to remember what Stephan Hawking said and I quote ,

" However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at."

I am sanguine that all students stepping into J P Academy will succeed with flying colours.

Sanjiv Sharma.