Mess & Medical Care

Mess & Medical Care

Boys and Girls are located separately. The hostels are provided with room-coolers, geysers and fly-proofing. The hostels have ayahs (for girls) and ward boys (for Boys) besides female and male wardens who look after the students round the clock.

The Campus has all the components of a residential School. The academic-block is aesthetically designed and tastefully constructed. There are two messes, located near girls and boys hostels. The messes are fitted with cooking-gas burners, modern pantry, automatic dish-washers and an appealing dining-hall with charming chairs. The mess facility is operational throughout the year. A very high degree of hygiene and sanitation is ensured and the food prepared caters to every palate.

The school has its own clinic to provide medical attention to the students under the care of a qualified doctor who resides in the campus and is ably supported by a medical compounder. A ten bedded hospital exists for temporary admission of patients.

House System

In order to generate a healthy spirit of competition amongst students, the school follows the House system. There are 4 houses in the school. They are named after the young sincere, loyal, obedient, faithful children - DHRUV, EKLAVYA, KARTIKEY and PRAHLAD.