Rules and Regulations

In order to provide healthy education environment the students will adhere to the following rules and regulation :-

  • Moving-Out of Hostels. No student will move out from the premises of Hostel and his/her room/dormitory after 10:00 PM till 06:00AM. They will remain inside their Hostels.
    • After 10:00PM students will not move from their dormitories/rooms to other dormitories/rooms.
    • Eatables/Drinks from outside, even school canteen are not permitted inside the hostels.
    • All hostelers will abide by the school-timing and attend PT, GAMES; classes and co-curricular activities in proper uniform. During these events they will not remain in their rooms.

  • Keeping of Mobile/Cash/Costly Items. Students are not permitted to keep Mobile/Cash/Costly items including FM or Music system. School will not be responsible for their loss.
    • Boarders are not allowed to go out side from the Hostel Campus without obtaining proper written out pass in which time of going out and coming back will be mentioned. Out pass will be given only when the student is accompanied by his/her parents.
    • Outsider are not allowed in the Hostel Campus. Any student permitting an another outsider in his room will be expelled.
    • Meals from the mess will not be allowed to be carried inside the hostel.

  • Leave. Boarders, if requiring urgent leave in emergency will be granted leave only when they are accompanied by their parents or persons duly authorized by the parents. The record of such persons along with their photographs and signature will be kept in the Hostel Reception Office.
  • Visit of Parents to Hostels and Mess. Parents are requested not to visit students Hostels and Mess. It disturb the students and their privacy is affected.
  • Visit of Parents. Parents and relatives of Boarders are permitted to visit only on SECOND SUNDAY of the month. They are not to visit on any other day. Also parents are requested not to come to the school after 1830h (06:30PM) and before 0900h (09:00AM).
  • Consumption of Intoxicants. No student will consume any intoxicant e.g. Liquor, Pan-Masala, banned drugs etc. Smoking too is strictly prohibited.
  • Ragging. Ragging is strictly prohibited. Cases of ragging will be dealt with in accordance with Law, and may result in filling police-case.
  • Any student found engaged in breakage of school property will be fined three times the cost of the article and may even be expelled from the school.
  • Behaviour with Staff. Any misbehaviour with staff including group-D staff will be viewed as serious breach of discipline. Action for such cases will be initiated.
  • Rowdyism will be strictly dealt with.
  • Absence. Absence of more than seven days will result in deletion of students name from the school rolls and students will be re-admitted, only on payment of admission fee again.
  • Attendance. Students will have to attend a minimum of 75% classes as per CBSE rules, otherwise they will not be permitted to appear for the examinations. Attendance at the morning assembly is also compulsory. Disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulter and late comers.
  • Proper Uniform. Students are expected to be in proper uniform on all the days of the school. Parents are requested to provide all items as per list of items to be brought by Boarders. The turn out will be checked during the morning assembly and defaulters are liable to be punished.
  • Payment of Fees. Parents are requested to clear the fee in time. For :-
    • Day Scholars. Every Quarter i.e April, July October, January.
    • Boarders. First installment in April & Second installment by 15 Oct.
    • Late deposit of fee will attract fine of Rs 25/- per day for day-Scholar and Rs 50/- per day for Boarder, students name will be deleted after 15 days .
    • Fee should be deposited with Accounts Branch only and should not be handed over to anyone.
  • Driving Vehicles without License/Helmet. Student will not be permitted to drive two wheelers and/or four wheeler vehicles without valid license. And those having valid license will use Helmets while driving two wheelers.
  • Cash (Money). Students are also not permitted to keep large amount of cash i.e, more than Rs 50/- for Day-scholars and Rs 100/- for Boarders. The parents must deposit the FEE and other dues of school personally in the school office and obtain school’s cash receipt from accountant.
  • Permission to Leave School Campus. Student will not be permitted to leave the school campus unless accompanied by the parents and that to with proper pass signed by Principal/Vice Principal.
  • Use of Abusive-Language. Any student found using foul language will be suspended from the school and repeated use of foul language will result in expulsion.
  • Active Participation. Students must actively participate in Games. , Sports, national festival and other co-curricular activities. They are meant for their overall personality development.
  • Behaviour of Parents. Parents are expected to behave in a dignified manner with the school staff. Problems can be sought-out by mutual discussions. A cordial environment produces better result.
  • Taking care of School Property. Student must take care of school property and should not disfigure or destroy it. Any student found indulging in such activities will be fined or suspended from the school. Similarly while traveling in school bus they must travel in a dignified manner and not shout or howl and should not tear the bus seats.
  • Refund of Fee. Please note that fee once deposited will not be refunded even when students are not permitted to appear for exam because of shortage of attendance.
  • Conduct and Behaviour. Students should avoid vulgarity in speech, talks and behaviour. While walking in a group, students must observe strict discipline and march in a line. They should not walk with their hands in pocket. Shouting or whistling is NOT allowed in the school premises. Students must rise when any teacher or visitor comes to talk to them. They should readily wish and lend helping hand to visitors they happen to come across.
  • Conclusion. Parents and students are requested to co-operate so that the school can provide them healthy and vibrant school environment.